Logistics Services

Freight Management

The Nexus Core Carrier base is comprised of hand-selected carriers who have formed strong partnerships with Nexus. The Nexus Carrier Performance Management Program includes quarterly performance reviews, a monthly scorecard program, as well as a standardized incident reporting process (Nexus Service Quality Improvement Program). Nexus only forms relationships with carriers that can provide timely and accurate confirmation of shipment status via the web, EDI (electronic data interchange), or other communication tools as appropriate. Nexus carriers are committed to providing on-time service and real-time order status. The strong commitment between Nexus and its Core Carriers is focused on creating quality service tailored to meet the unique delivery requirements of the Customer.

The Nexus Transportation Network actively recruits and develops Transportation Coordinators that are Best in Class. Nexus Transportation Coordinators are experts that apply their knowledge of geography, consolidation/optimization sciences, the Core Carrier base, and customers’ delivery needs to make the best routing and shipment plans available.

The Nexus Fleet and Freight Management capabilities combine to create a unique combination of flexibility and creativity. Leveraging both arms of the Nexus Transportation Network, Nexus offers Reverse Logistics, Expedited, and Pool Delivery services in addition to dedicated and traditional Local/OTR Trucking services. Nexus is committed to making even the seemingly impossible happen in order to assist Clients in gaining a competitive advantage.