Transportation Services

Transportation Overview

The strategic delivery of goods is critical to your market position. Shorter transit times, lower delivery costs, order traceability, and service reliability are competitve differentiators that Nexus can help your company realize. 

Truck Driver

Private Fleet: Nexus manages a private fleet featuring modern equipment that is environmentally conscious. Our drivers are employee owners of Nexus who value professionalism and aim to make a positive impression at your customer's receiving office with every delivery of your product.

Nexus Partner Carrier Program: Nexus expertly manages a partner carrier program that features superior traceability and on time delivery performance. Nexus stands behind every load we manage and your accountable point of contact is always Nexus. We offer 24/7 tracking, one toll-free number for StatusTracker360 inquiries, and on-line shipment tracking.

Order Consolidation: Nexus provides order consolidation services for a variety of scenarios. Our sophisticated Transportation Management Systems and experienced transportation professionals are able to optimize every shipment by consolidating orders from various origins and receipts in an optimized, logical fashion based on delivery date requirements and destination points.

Mixed Consignee & Mixed Customer Consolidation (Nexus MIXCON): Nexus' transportation management program is unique because we are able to offer extraordinary load consolidation opportunities accross our customer base given our network of regional distribuiton centers and the diverse industries we serve. Unlike traditional LTL, Nexus has the ability to take LTL-sized orders and consolidate them on one truck with other orders destined to the same or nearby delivery points. The advantage of Nexus MIXCON over traditional LTL is that your freight is only "touched" once at the point of consoldidation and then delivered to your customer faster, cheaper, and damage-free.

Integrated Systems: Nexus provides integrated warehousing and transportation management systems with product visibility at every point, such as pick-up, receipt, inventory status, to picking, loading, shipping and the ultimate delivery.

Full Rail Service: All Nexus distribution centers feature full service rail capabilities with private rail access to class one railroads.

Additional Nexus Transportation Offerings Include:

Find out how our vast distribution network can deliver for you, on your timetable and within your budget. To learn more about Nexus Distribution's transportation management services, please complete our transportation data request form.

The bottom line is that your goods must arrive securely and on time. Nexus understands that transportation fulfillment is vital to the customer satisfaction you need to achieve. For this reason, Nexus offers a variety of transportation services that deliver the right goods, on time, every tim