Logistics Services

Vendor Management

Vendor (Carrier) Management Services include: Load Planning, Load Tendering, After Hours Service Coordination and StatusTracker360 Services. Some customers wish to keep their own carriers in conjunction with, or in place of, using the Nexus Fleet or Nexus Core Carrier Base. Nexus Vendor Management Services are ideal for those carriers who need assistance in managing their load planning activities and carrier performance.

Load Planning

Nexus plans single and multi-stop truckload shipments that meet customer delivery requirements. Load Planning services include the creation of manifest documents that reflect the load plan and advises the Warehouse of any special shipping or delivery requirements. Appointment times and delivery requirements will appear on the Bill of Lading. Nexus, with applications of its TMS (Transportation Management System), analyzes outbound orders daily to identify opportunities for consolidation and load optimization. Nexus’ expert Transportation Coordinators evaluate and determine mode selection based on delivery requirements and optimization opportunities. Load plans are adjusted daily as necessary to accommodate cancelled orders and order changes. Transportation Coordinators stay in close contact with warehouse personnel to coordinate outbound velocity with warehouse labor resources. Transit realities and customer requirements are integrated into all planning decisions.

Load Tendering

Nexus manages the tendering of loads to the Client’s carrier base. Carrier selection is based on carrier ranking based on price and equipment availability. The ranking method is approved and influenced by the Client’s preference. Both live and pre-load pick-up arrangements are possible. Nexus monitors load tender acceptance status and rejected loads are re-tendered to a new carrier promptly. Capacity limitations are identified, recorded and communicated to the appropriate parties.

After Hours Service Coordination

The purpose of After Hours Service Coordination is to identify loads in jeopardy and to escalate issues as needed to ensure service recovery. Nexus actively monitors all outbound shipments, and makes sure that carriers meet scheduled pickup times. The Nexus After Hours Coordination Team maintains consistent communication with all carriers and relays status information to the Warehouse. The Nexus system is updated with information related to delays, carrier notes and service recovery plans.

StatusTracker360 Services

Nexus offers an array of StatusTracker360 services depending on the solution that works best for the client. Shipment information is available on the web, via auto e-mail notifications, or customers can contact the StatusTracker360 Services division of the Nexus Customer Service Team. Nexus provides tracking services for shipments of all modes, including TL, LTL, intermodal, rail and international shipments.

Call Center Service

Nexus can establish a toll-free number so that customers can call directly for up-to-the-minute tracking information. Nexus can take incoming calls with a greeting of the clients’ choosing, and can be invisible to customers by answering with the client’s company name.

Tracing Shipments

Customers can call for delivery tracking information, or they can view shipment ETA and delivery information on the Nexus web site. Furthermore, the Nexus system is capable of delivering auto-email messages to the representative(s) of choice that contain updated ETA or delivery confirmation information.

The Nexus StatusTracker360 Services offer a vast portfolio of Transportation reporting tools to help clients analyze delivery performance and Transportation investment. Some examples include:

  • Order Consolidation Activity
  • Carrier Performance
  • On-time Delivery Performance
  • Tender Acceptance Rate
  • Shipment Activity