5 Keys to Successful Chicagoland Warehousing

Selecting the right warehouse and logistics provider is of the utmost importance when looking to relocate your supply chain.  At Nexus we are commited to making your transition as smooth as possible.  We've put our heads together and come up with the top 5 keys to successful warehousing in Chicago, IL.  


Location, location, location.  The AAR reports a trending towards more rail service and Logistics Management reports that both rail and intermodal transportation are showing positive growth trajectories this year, demonstrating just how imperative it is that your southeast hub has access to rail.  Our 700,000 square foot multi facility food grade NexusHub in Chicago has private rail access and 58 dock doors, 25 truck doors and is located just 2 miles from I-294.  Situated just outside a major metropolitan area, this hub is expertly set up to accomodate all of your paper, CPG, packaged food and alcoholic beverage storage needs.


Today you are a start up, or a company who knows their logistics provider isn't providing.  With the right logistics partner, tomorrow your business will be expanding. Your customers will be demanding more than ever, which means you need an experienced warehouse and transportation team who know how to accommodate such growth.  Flexibility is a key to warehousing that simply cannot be underestimated when you are looking to grow your business. Nexus has designed several expandable solutions and processes to scaffold your success every step of the way.


Everyone sleeps better when they know the back-end details of their business are in good hands.  Warehouses with experienced freight management professionals and a private fleet are primed and ready to handle all of your distribution and transportation needs, all from one central hub.  Additionally, to save you from losing sleep, Nexus has relationships with a wide variety of regional and national LTL and truckload carriers, should the need for back up arise.  


When you are trusting your product and inventory to a 3PL you need a team of specialists who employ an industry leading WMS, A world class WMS, such as Accellos, provides complete visibility at all times.  A system this sophisticated means you have an eagle's eye view of your product morning, noon and night. Nexus launched the Accellos WMS in our warehouses earlier this year, in keeping with the Nexus tradition of utilizing cutting edge technology to provide the best service possible to our customers. 


The most important key to warehousing in the Chiagoland area is innovative experience. Combining the knowledge and the know-how of seasoned professionals with the ambition and creativity of carefully selected out of the box thinkers, the NexusHub team in Chicago is ready to take on any logistics challenge big or small. Nexus has been providing forward-thinking logistics, warehousing and transportation solutions for over 30 years.  That is our business, that is our passion and that is the soul of our company.