An Interview with Dean Hansen, CEO



What does Nexus look like after the sale of its SE and NE hubs?  Just ask founder and CEO, Dean Hansen.

What makes Nexus the best choice for warehousing in Chicago?

Nexus’ history, connections and integrated services give our customers first class execution from start to delivery.  These factors really prepare us for any and all situations.  We have extensive experience with heavy weight containers, due our proximity to the CSX rail yard.  I think this especially helps us manage our food accounts, because so much of these products come in through the rail yard and are handled intermodally.  We are able to combine our vast experience with tried and trusted relationships to bring rail and intermodal-truck expertise together in representing your brand.  Our goal is always to help you increase your market share and are very aware of the role your supply chain plays in that.  As manufacturing rebuilds in the USA we bring it all together for export via our direct access service with the CSX to accommodate low demurrage exposure as well as accommodate heavy loaded containers.  I truly feel that there has never been a better time to do business with Nexus.  We have all the right people, in the right places, at the right time. 

What about the physical space?  What sets that apart from the many other warehouses in the area?

Our current available space is 80,000 square feet of expertly managed strategically located, WERC certified warehousing space. It is outfitted with custom engineered rack space to accommodate 8,000 pallet positions.  We pride ourselves in providing flexible solutions and are extremely adept with food and paper warehousing.  We also have indoor “finger” docks and a fenced drop lot that houses 100+ trailers.  Our vast experience in the paper-packaging industry is now a growing force in the food ingredient sector as well, including other bulk commodities.  Lastly, because we have a multi-facility campus, we really can offer highly flexible logistics based on our customers’ needs.  

We know that IT is one of the most valuable commodities in logistics.  What does Nexus provide in terms of IT solutions?

 In my opinion, our IT department is second to none.  Nexus’ head of IT and Customer Solutions has been with Nexus for almost as long as it has been in existence.  She pioneered some major programming for us, and more recently facilitated the on-boarding of a world class WMS with reporting, web access, and EDI capabilities.

What is Nexus‘ promise to it’s customers?

We promise to not only provide innovative logistics, but also to do so at a fair and manageable cost to our customers.  We promise to facilitate connections and relationships that benefit our customers, and to, as always, provide on time, real time, information and service.