New Nexus Website Plays Triple Role

In keeping with its reputation as a high technology and customer focused logistics provider, Nexus Distribution has redesigned its website / with a more efficient user interface.

“The old version of the site was functional,” explains Nexus President Dean Hansen, “but did not provide optimal access for the site’s most popular content. We understand better who our visitors are and what their intentions are when they come to the site. We’ve accommodated that in the new design.”

In fact, the user profiles and behaviors have been the foundation for 3 levels of networked data within the new Nexus site. On the most basic level, the standard visitor’s site is open to prospective customers, applicants or anyone interested in information about Nexus and its services. The site also has a password-protected login area where current customers may track their shipments and manage their inventory online. On the highest level is the data for Nexus internal use such as inventory and shipping updates, customer service and website administration.

More than just the new 3-tiered architecture, Nexus Distribution’s online presence boasts a user-friendly interface for improved navigation and robust customer service technology that places an entire database of client information at the account manager’s fingertips.

“We’re very pleased to have the new system up and running,” Hansen admits. “It makes our focus on customer service easier to maintain, while giving Nexus a lot of room to grow.”