Nexus Announces Construction Underway for "Chicago Land Bridge Project"

Nexus breaks ground on new “Chicago Land Bridge” project marking a pivotal event in the Chicago logistics community.

Construction started on "Chicago Land
Bridge Project" September 2005.
Construction started on "Chicago Land Bridge Project" September 2005.

Nexus Distribution announced today that construction is underway for the creation of a new private roadway that in essence will serve as a “Land Bridge” or Port for domestic and international imports coming into Chicago via railroad.

The roadway in progress, located on private property, will allow "heavy" weight containers to be legally transported directly from a metro-Chicago CSX intermodal facility to one of Nexus Distribution’s Bedford Park, IL distribution centers utilizing Nexus transload services.

Presently in Chicago "heavy" weight containers have to be unloaded at ports of entry and broken into smaller truckload-sized shipments due to federal and state regulations limiting the amount of weight that can legally be transported over public roadways. This leaves customers importing goods to the Midwest region with two choices: Sending smaller shipments in containers (not capitalizing on the maximum container capacity), or unloading fully loaded containers at the port and shipping to Chicago in smaller-sized shipments. Both alternatives are costly, resulting in additional handling and/or transportation expenses.

“This will save our customers thousands, up to millions, of dollars in transportation costs,” remarked William Hansen, President of Nexus Distribution. To my knowledge, this is something that has never been done before.”

With the construction of the private roadway adjacent to the CSX intermodal facility manufacturers and retailers will be able to ship maximum weights via intermodal transportation, avoid de-consolidation activities at the port of entry, and send product straight to a Nexus warehouse. From there, Nexus will either provide warehouse storage until orders are placed for the product, or perform cross-docking services, unloading the heavy weight containers and shipping the product directly to stores and customers.

The Nexus “Chicago Land Bridge” is scheduled for completion early in 2006. Joining Nexus in this endeavor is CenterPoint Properties, one of Chicago’s largest and leading industrial property companies. “CenterPoint has been an invaluable partner in launching this project,” Hansen explains, “They understand how revolutionary this will be and they have helped us move more quickly than we ever expected possible.”

For more information on the “Chicago Land Bridge” project contact Director of Sales, Mark Ferzacca at 800-536-5220 or on the web at

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