Nexus Bedford Park Warehouse Earns WERC Certification

Nexus successfully achieved WERC Certification for its Bedford Park facility located at 6220 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, IL.  WERC's Facility Certification is a voluntary program that requires an independent audit of 114 processes in eight core areas of warehouse operations: receiving and inspection, material handling, slotting, storage and inventory control, WMS, shipping documentation, pick and pack, and load consolidation and shipping.  WERC only certifies facilities that receive an acceptable score in accordance with program guidelines. 

Audits include a facility inspection as well as process assessments, where auditors grade warehouse operations against a 5-point scale (poor practice, inadequate practice, common practice, good practice and best practice).  Both 1PL and 3PL companies can pursue certification.  Of the 114 processes audited, Nexus received a "Best Practice" designation for 52 processes, meaning that nearly half of all Nexus processes were deemed best-in-class.  The remainder fell into the "Good Practice" category (37 processes) and "Common Practice" category (25 processes).  None of the Nexus processes were deemed a poor or inadequate practice. 

“To prepare, we reviewed WERC's Warehousing & Fulfillment Process & Best Practices Guide, and we performed internal audits in each of the eight core areas,” explains the project’s manager John Masich, who serves as Strategic Projects Director at Nexus.  “The process was extensive and intense.  It confirmed we are managing core functions in alignment with what is considered best practice in the industry, which was very rewarding.” says Masich.  

Nexus used the WERC Certification to benchmark its processes as well as to assist in the selection of a new WMS scheduled for rollout in 2013.    The certification process provided a Gap Analysis in the final report which was useful in ensuring that no gaps were present when making a new WMS investment.

Masich adds, “The Gap Analysis provided a roadmap for continuous improvement in all of the areas and showed us where we need to refine process steps to get to the next level. Any gaps that we identified in the WMS are during WERC Certification were rolled into our WMS selection criteria, so the WERC Certification was extremely helpful in shaping our WMS selection process.”

About Nexus

Nexus Distribution is a leading third party logistics provider focused on providing flexible, integrated warehousing and transportation solutions. Headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL, its regional distribution centers are located in Allentown, PA, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA. Nexus logistics solutions help customers realize market gains and program flexibility.  Transportation services include private fleet delivery, multi-modal freight forwarding, pool delivery and consolidation. Major markets include paper, consumer goods, electronics, and food and beverage.


About WERC

The Warehousing Education and Research Council is the only professional association focused exclusively on warehouse management and its role in the supply chain.  Members are experts from all facets of the logistics industry who come together to share practical knowledge and professional expertise to improve individual and industry performance.