Nexus Distribution Qualifies as a SmartWaySM Transport Partner

Logistics provider Nexus Distribution meets U.S. EPA Certified SmartWaySM specifications for its commitment to the environmental performance of its private fleet, freight forwarding and warehouse operations.

Nexus Distribution is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a SmartWay Transport Partner.

SmartWaySM is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency. The SmartWay Transport Partnership requires participating carriers to submit operational information and subsequently commit to a customized plan to continuously improve environmental and fuel efficiency goals.

The program offers valuable guidance to companies like Nexus seeking to conduct business responsibly. In addition to its environmental benefits, the program also presents opportunities for significant savings that can be derived from the reduced fuel consumption, expanded life expectancy of engines, and reduced vehicle maintenance that result from implementing the SmartWay prescribed action plan.

“We are pleased that our operations have been accepted to participate in the SmartWay Transport Partnership,” explains Dean Hansen, Nexus President and CEO. “This program is going to help us realize our goal to help protect the environment more fully. The expertise that the EPA can provide is invaluable to logistics providers like Nexus and to customers who wish to shop for transportation services responsibly.”


Headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL Nexus Distribution is a third party logistics provider offering integrated warehousing and transportation services, shipping over 3,000 tons per day nationwide out of its 5 North American distribution centers. Nexus Distribution’s warehousing services range from inventory management models to integrated cross-dock programs and value-added services. Transportation services include private fleet delivery, multi-modal freight forwarding, pool delivery and consolidation. Major markets include paper, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and food and beverage. Distribution Center locations are in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL.